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July 16, 2018

Bryant identifies victim's rights as a key issue in judicial race


Everyone recognizes that protecting a victim’s rights is and will always be paramount. It also goes without saying that the most serious offenses will be dealt with harshly. What is not so clear, is what happens to everyone else? We now understand that we cannot lock away our problems. This is both costly and ineffective. We must now use treatment courts, restorative practices and community programs which can help us stem the tide in recidivism. If this philosophy sounds like something that you want to be involved in, then support the candidate who wants to invest in these methods.


If you like the fresh air and like meeting your neighbors, come and canvass with me. Dates, locations and times TBD.


Candidate forum:

August 02, 2018; Burton Elementary School from 6-8pm.


If you have the time to meet your neighbors or the talent to engage the community, come and be a part of the Bryant team. We can always use your help in spreading the word regarding Mrs. Bryant’s desire to bring balance to the Circuit Court bench.


Feel free to reach out to me. I am available to talk to you or your group. For the quickest response, please email me at:


If your request is urgent, please note that when you email me.


July 16, 2018

Gerald R. Ford Metro Lodge #97 endorses Alida Bryant for Circuit Court Judge


I want to thank Gerald R. Ford Metro Lodge #97 for their endorsement. It means a lot to me to know that although I am an advocate for the accused, it is recognized and I am trusted to fairly adjudicate cases which involve the police.

July 16, 2018

Voting Day Announcement


Voting Day: August 07, 2018  (Please go to the second page of the ballot and select the Judge. Do not split your vote. This is the primary; vote only one party.)

Meet and Greet:

August 14, 2018;  Wilcox Park 4-8pm (I would love to meet you)


Thank you for visiting the website to find out more about my campaign to be your 17th Circuit Court judge. Earlier, I asked the question, "what happens to the people who come into the court system who  haven't committed a serious offense and are not the victim?" I believe the answer is "you offer hope." This is the type of Circuit Court judge I will be. I will work to help those who appear before me access the programs they may need to turn their life around.

For every one who continues to make this journey possible, I simply cannot say it enough: thank you for your support.  See you at the polls November 6, 2018. And remember, Alida Bryant (AB) for Justice.

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